This page will spotlight opportunities for you to get involved in my campaign and help inform my advocacy. Shoot me an email if you want to reach out: info@eichler4dc.com

Donate to my Campaign

I’m collecting donations to fund my campaign outreach strategies via ActBlue. I would be honored if you considered contributing to my efforts.

Donate now…

Take my Voter Survey

Fill in as much as you want. I want to hear from you about your issues and how I can help. Launch survey!

The survey is also the best way to add your email address to my contact list, right on the front page.

Draw Your Own Neighborhood Map

What does this neighborhood mean to you? Click the map picture to get started, or download blank map as a PDF, draw on it — print and draw, or use an app — and email your “personal geography” to me at info@eichler4dc.com. Let me know if I can share your map online.

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