Thoughts on Shaw, DC, and the state of the world.

Social Justice, BLM and the Call to Defund

Black Lives Matter.  Period. Our country has systematically and institutionally disenfranchised Black and indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) for hundred of years, building untold wealth at their expense.  The 2020 social justice movement is the latest and hopefully the final wake-up call that we need to fundamentally restructure how economic and government systems work toContinue reading “Social Justice, BLM and the Call to Defund”

The Pandemic Panic

Our national response to the global pandemic has been heartbreaking. For many, me included, the local response hasn’t felt much better. I was hoping a global threat such as a pandemic would show us the power of humanity to unite  and solve any problem that comes our way.  If not on a global scale, atContinue reading “The Pandemic Panic”

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