Central Shaw Dispatch Vol 4

Greetings, Central Shaw Neighbors:

Welcome to my fourth neighborhood dispatch. This week’s update:  Meeting Alert; Update on Seaton Elementary Encampment; Other Topical Items; Local Biz Buzz.  Read on…

Meeting Alert!

Update on Recent Uptick in Traffic Violence

I am greatly concerned about the recent uptick in traffic violence including roadway deaths in DC.  Traffic fatalities are up in 2021 by a whopping 78%, including the death of a cyclist in a multi-car crash at 2nd and Massachusetts NW on the border of ANC 6E. 

Last last year, I began development of a dashboard of traffic crashes linked to ANC districts as well as roadway blocks, and have beensharing this tool with other commissioners to support advocacy for safer streets.  I even got some TV news coverage!  I am also co-chairing an ANC Vision Zero Caucus to help strategize with others on District-wide approaches to turn into reality the vision of zero traffic fatalities.  Finally, I’m recruiting others interested in data visualization and traffic safety to join me in finding new ways to use public data sets to tell stories that can help make our streets safer in the short term. 

Please share with me any specific traffic safety concerns you have.  We can work together to document the issue and submit a traffic safety assessment request to DDOT to look for solutions to making our streets and intersections safer. 

I attended the memorial ride for James Pagels who was killed in a traffic crash on April 9, 2021.  Photo credit Commissioner Nigro (6E04).

I attended the memorial ride for James Pagels who was killed in a traffic crash on April 9, 2021.  Photo creditCommissioner Nigro (6E04).

(Featured photo of crash at 9th and P on Wednesday May, 2021, by Patrick Reilly, resident of 6E01.)

Feel free to email me if you want to add your voice to the rising chorus against traffic violence in DC.

Other Topical Items

Local Biz Buzz – Oyster Oyster

"Oyster Oyster logo"

I recently enjoyed a reunion dinner with some friends at one of Shaw’s newest restaurants, Oyster Oyster.  It’s vegetarian with a focus on mushrooms (oyster and others), plus oysters (the shellfish).  They currently have limited offerings due to the pandemic, focusing now on fixed-price meals with outdoor dining. Despite the rainy night, it was a lovely night and a delicious meal. 

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