Central Shaw Dispatch Vol 3

Greetings, Central Shaw Neighbors:

Welcome to my third neighborhood dispatch. This week’s update:  Meeting Alert; Update on Seaton Elementary Encampment; Other Topical Items; Local Biz Buzz.  Read on…

Meeting Alert!

Update on Seaton Elementary Encampment

The recent gun arrest of one of the occupants of the encampment on the 1500 block of 10th St NW has changed the conversation about homelessness for Seaton Elementary parents and neighbors.  Calls on the Mayor to find creative, win-win solutions for the situation on 10th street have turned into a demand for immediate resolution to this very delicate situation. 

10th street entrance to Seaton Elementary is now closed due to recent security concerns.

The ball is in the District government’s court right now as we continue to advocate for the needs of unhoused residents AND the safety and security of students, teachers, staff, and neighbors of the school.   

Feel free to email me your thoughts and concerns about this situation.

Other Topical Items

Local Biz Buzz – Barber of Hell’s Bottom

I had been visiting Shaw monthly for quite some time before moving to the neighborhood, as a regular customer at the Barber of Hell’s Bottom

A group of people standing outside a building

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Friendly staff at the Barber of Hell’s Bottom, southeast corner of 9th and Rhode Island Ave NW

I asked my barber during a recent visit about the name “Hell’s Bottom” and she informed me it is actually a reference to a long-gone name for the Shaw neighborhood.

The Barber of Hell’s Bottom was closed for a while at the start of the pandemic but they’ve been back and cutting (shorter) hair with good COVID-19 safety protocols for a while now. They’re open 7 days with more hours per day.  If you haven’t had a haircut since March 2020, Jane and her colleagues are ready for you.  They are not doing beard trimming yet, as that would require mask removal.  Hopefully that service will come back soon as more folks are vaccinated and we can get back to some semblance of normal.  

Barber of Hell’s Bottom, 818 Rhode Island Ave NW, Book online

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Feel free to use my Constituent Services request form to submit new requests.  It’s helpful if you have a 311 service request numberfirst. 

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