Central Shaw Dispatch vol 2

From the Commissioner, April 4, 2021

Greetings Central Shaw Neighbors:

Welcome to my second neighborhood dispatch. Thanks for your continued patience as I get ramped up with my responsibilities as Commissioner. 

This week’s update:  Talking Trash; Other Topical Items; Local Biz Buzz.  Read on…

Talking Trash

The municipal litter cans found on neighborhood corners are for keeping trash off the streets:  food wrappers, take-out containers, drink bottles, doggie poop bags, etc.  They are not for household garbage. Overloading these cans with household trash causes a huge mess.  Plus, household food waste in these litter cans feeds rats.  Bad news all around. 

I am working with DPW to address the problem, which may include investigation and enforcement, as well as raise awareness of the proper alternatives to residential and household trash disposed in these litter cans, including free bulk trash collection via 311.  There are two locations in particular that I have my eye on:  8th & Q Sts NW and 10th & French Sts NW.   

8th and Q NW is a trouble-spot for household trash in corner litter bins.

If you see a litter can that’s filled with bags of residential trash, construction materials, cardboard boxes, etc., please submit a “Sanitation Enforcement” service request with 311.  You can call, download their app (AppleGoogle), visit the 311 website, or put a post on twitter and tag @311dcgov.  They’ll reply with a service request number. 

Submitting these requests will get the litter can cleaned up faster, but it will also create data that I will download from theDistrict’s open data portal and use to advocate for solutions to these problems.   If you notice a corner litter can that’s particularly problematic with regular dumping of household, construction, or yard waste, please let me know via my constituent services request form

Finally, I’ve worked with some neighboring ANCs to draft a “joint resolution” calling for DPW to step up their education and enforcement efforts.  6E will be considering this resolution at our upcoming meeting on April 6.

Other Topical Items

·      Vaccination – Pre-Register!  DC’s COVID-19 vaccination pre-registration site is now open for all adults.  Sign up today.  When it’s your turn, they’ll contact you.

·      Commission Meeting this week!  6E is meeting this week at 6:30p on Tuesday, April 6. Check out the 6E website for the agenda and zoom login link.

·      DC Transportation Roundtable:  Join Congresswoman Norton on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 7 PM for a Surface Transportation Roundtable and share your ideas about surface transportation (buses, Metro, bikes, trains, scooters, and pedestrian safety) in the District. Please email NortonEvents@mail.house.gov to RSVP for the event and receive the Zoom link.

·      MagLev Input Opportunity:  There’s a plan to run a high-speed train between DC and New York, with the first step being DC to Baltimore.  Alex Lopez, Commissioner for 6E02, has found that the plan will have some non-trivial impacts to local traffic.  Alex has scheduled a working group meeting to discuss the MagLev proposal on April 14, 2021, at 6:30p.  Please email Alex if you want to get involved.

Local Biz Buzz – Roasted Boon!

The Roasted Boon is a Eritrean coffee shop which opened at the corner of 11th and Rhode Island Ave NW last summer.   Coffee, locally roasted beans, outdoor seating.  And most recently, wine!  They’ve created a lovely space and are a real asset to the neighborhood.  Stop by for some local business buzz!  Follow the Roasted Boon on Twitter and on Instagram

Thanks for reading.  Please hit reply and type “unsubscribe” if you do not want email updates from me.

Feel free to use my Constituent Services request form to submit new requests.  It’s helpful if you have a 311 service request number first. 

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