About Me and My Beliefs

I believe you cannot accomplish even the smallest plan without a big-picture vision to guide and inspire.

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SMD 6E01 is roughly bounded by 11th to the west, 7th to the east, S to the north and P to the south, with bump-outs for the 1600 block of Marion St (west side) and the 700 and 800 blocks of O St (north side). More about 6E01…

I’m an urban planner with a big heart and 14 years of experience in DC policy and planning. I’m running for commissioner, ANC SMD 6E01.

My Top Concerns

Sustainable Transportation

A Safe and Beautiful Shaw

Affordable Housing

Data-Driven Decision Making

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My Qualifications


Finding common ground is the key to finding solutions to complex problems. We must start with the assumption that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools they have.


I’m an urban planner, transportation engineering, and data scientist with 14 years doing transportation policy and planning in DC.


I plan to explore a diverse set of public engagement tools so you can be heard, and so you can hear me. Take my voter survey now!

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Some Thoughts about Shaw, DC, and the State of the World

Central Shaw Neighborhood Dispatch Vol 12

Welcome to my twelfth neighborhood dispatch. Today’s update:   6E Meeting, Major New Development Alert and Meeting, Events and Such, Year End Wrap-Up.   Read on… 6E Commission and Committees ANC 6E Commission Meeting – Tuesday, January 4, 6:30 PM.  Link to draft agenda and dial-in information No 6E01 committee business this month Major New Development Alert and Meeting! TheContinue reading “Central Shaw Neighborhood Dispatch Vol 12”

Central Shaw Neighborhood Dispatch Vol 8

Welcome to my eighth neighborhood dispatch. Today’s update:   Meeting Alert!  Police Chief at 6E Meeting, 9th Street Protected Bike Lane Meeting, Banneker High School Update Read on… Meeting Alert! ANC 6E Transportation Advisory Committee, Tuesday August 31, 6p DDOT Presentation on the 9th Street Protected Bike Lane. Wednesday, September 1, 7p (see below) ANC 6E Commission, Tuesday September 7, 6:30pContinue reading “Central Shaw Neighborhood Dispatch Vol 8”

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